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Snowboard Bindings Reviews

TDo you want to know what people are saying about Burton bindings? Read a few reviews below and learn more about Burton bindings.

Snowboard Binding Reviews
Every year is big for the Burton Custom Freestyle Snowboard Bindings. Whether Johan is dropping first descents or Shannon's styling her way to victory in the pipe, the Burton Custom provides power, feel and response. Features a bomb-proof baseplate and a tweaked flex profile for riding the mountain's every roll, berm and hit. For anyone who ever felt bite at the back of your calf, stop blaming your boots, and use the RAF hi-back adjustment

-- David Mejia

Burton Snowboard Bindings Reviewed

These are super easy to get in and out of. Getting out of them requires pressing just one of the release tabs and leaning your boot in towards the middle of the board. The power of these burton bindings transmit to the edge is great. Great for railing huge carves on the hardest, iciest snow. Almost too many adjustments. Every year Burton Bindings and Snowboards are top of the line.

-- Brad Vachal

Burton Snowboard Bindings Review

Reviewers list Burton Bindings simple entry and exit system at the top of strengths for these step-ins. Most riders find they click in and out with ease; a few have trouble with the system but for the most part, it is flawless. Reviewer highlights of the Burton’s include the “very supportive boot and binding combination,” “great control” and “excellent rigidity.” The “built-in adjustable gas pedals are superb for toeside,” notes one reviewer. Some feel snow packs in the locking system too easily and is hard to get out. Boarders like the customer service center as well as burton bindings “simple, clear design.” Reviewers agree that these “responsive” bindings, with “incredible heal grab even for people with narrow heels” are “good for all types of riding.”

-- Monkey Mike

Salomon Binding Review
I've been riding with the salomon sp3 bindings for about 3 years now. I use them on my 162.5 sequence snowboard. I freeride mostly, but I like to ride the pipe a bit and the park when it's not packed out. These Salomon Snowboard Bindings allow for plenty of adjustment, so you can tailor them to your specific needs. The salomon snowboard bindings straps are convenient, comfortable and very easy to strap on. The straps are fat and cushy, comfortable to ride in all day long. Like the V10 Magma, the ankle strap length can be adjusted by hand, no tools required. The salomon buckles are smooth and easy to use. After a couple trips I was able to strap in, after getting off the lift, from a standing position with one hand. The ratchets work great. I highly recommend these salomon snowboard bindings because they are easy to get in and out of. The salomon sp3 is a great lightweight and responsive binding.
~ Review by Ryan Sofich

Ride Binding Review #2
I like stiff boots, but this in not a boot review so bare with me. I love that feeling of support a good stiff boot provides. There comes that point when the boot is perfect, not to stiff but not too gushy. Of course, as the season rolls on, the boot is going to break in and become softer. Yes, you could go out and buy another pair of boots but then you have to go through the breaking in process once again, and even though a good solid boot rules, new boots suck. So, why am I talking about boots in a binding review? Simple.

It's the end of the season and I'm testing Ride's new Team binding. My boots? Gushy. As I ratchet the straps down something remarkable happens . . . my boots feel like their old selves. Strong, stiff and solid. What could it be? Well kids, it's the bindings. Those big ass super padded straps give so much support; my boots feel fresh-outta-the-box new. So I loosen up those aluminum ankle and toe zip ratchets a bit and presto! The perfect feel.

But what if you what more flex in your set up. For example, when I hit the pipe I really don't like things to be as stiff. Easy enough. I loosen up the straps on my wicked ride bindings until I get the flex I want. We're talking flexibility with your flexibility.

With an anatomical 6061-T6 aluminum base and heel cup, this binding proves to be very light and responsive. Add to that the base pad which kills high-speed chatter and literally makes your feet part of the board's rails. The "Tri-landing pads" absorb shock and the carbon rebound rod high backs give you toe-edge response to those heel-side turns. Do you hear what I'm typing? Say it with me you are C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D!

Yes, love can be shared regardless of the board you ride. The multi-pattern discs will fit 4-hole and 3-hole patterns all day long. And let's face it; the only thing between your board and boots is going to be a pair of bindings. They better be good ones.

You know that boots break down and boards just break, but these Ride bindings, well I could draw upon a myriad of clichés but I won't. The bindings humbly do their job in the most bass-assed, tough-guy way possible and they'll keep doing it long after you're done.

-- Jimmy Sharkey

Ride Bindings Review #1
This company has made great bindings for years. Don't be deceived because Ride makes low-end snowboard bindings to the top-of-the-line state of the art styley pro bindings. My first pair of Ride bindings were the Ride lx. They were great, but after getting better that season I wanted a stiffer binding. Being the loyal brand guy I am, I moved up to a pair of Jeff Brushie Pro Models. The brushies were the sickest binding ever. Big fat straps, more padding in the sole, more padding on the calf, and the ratchets were just a couple notches better than the Ride LX Bindings. Anyways I figure I used those brushie ride bindings for a total of about 75 days or so. 2 seasons worth. I could have kept using them but I bent the baseplates super bad. The bindings were 2 years old and I couldn't find new base plates so I switched to a plastic binding: the salomon sp3.

The one drawback I didn't like about the ride bindings is that they were metal. When I purchased them they were lighter than all of the other top end metal bindings on the market. They were light: for a pair of aluminum snowboard bindings. Anyways, right now I have a pair of burton mission bindings, burton custom bindings w/leather straps :) ,,,,, salomon sp3, and a vintage pair of switch step in bindings. An arsenal if you will. Over all I think ride really makes some of the best bindings out there. The basic differences are the stiffness, the padding in the heal and calf, ratchet style, forward lean adjustment and product construction material. The Ride Ex Binding is a great value. The base is made of aircraft style aluminum and we'll you should check them out for yourself...

-- Hiro Koboyashi
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